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Sometimes it feels like you could get whiplash from all of the new marketing tools that practically appear overnight. 


You might think there’s no harm in dabbling in something new and buzzworthy. 


So I’m gonna tell it to you straight:

Discover a powerful marketing strategy that gets clients AND gets you out of the bed in the morning. Because it’s that good. 

You in?


Dabbling is not a strategy.

If you want your audience to have a clear sense of who you are and the value you bring, you need a clear vision about how you’re showing up. 


You’re not going to find that by looking around at what everyone else is doing.


It’s time to tune out the noise and listen to the one voice that matters. 


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“I am an expert networker and marketer, so I was surprised when I discovered an untapped potential in how I build my businesses. One Voice, One Strategy helped me translate all that into a cohesive marketing message. Truth-be-told, I want to do 10 marketing strategies, but Christina’s process helped me land on the most important one. It is so powerful to determine the best way to connect with my community right now"


-Jen Jones, Real Estate Agent and Business Coach

Hey there,

I’m Christina Frei.


I’ve been doing this marketing thing for a while now — supporting solopreneurs, international brands, and everything in between — but I’m not your typical marketer. 


I believe that the best and most effective marketing comes from a place of generosity, joy, and inspired action.


The good news:

You already have all this within you. 


I call this way of being your Innate Marketing Genius. It’s my proven method for authentic, high-impact marketing that motivates clients to buy AND motivates you to share your gifts with the world.


Your natural talents + dedication to your clients = marketing that connects because it’s REAL. (And real fun, too.)


After all, the best marketing is the marketing you actually do. Consistently. So let’s make sure you’re part of the equation. 


Until now this method has only been available in my boutique 4-month coaching program. But I’ve distilled all the IMG magic into an affordable online program that you can do on your own time and see equally amazing results.

"The One Voice, One Strategy program was the driving factor behind my recent rebrand.  My overall brand message is now SO much clearer. And it doesn’t feel salesy or performative. This is what makes Christina’s material so different – she helps you get real about how you help people and then translate that into the big marketing decisions and messaging. The results in my business have been huge. This past week I had two cold leads hire me on the spot, and I’m booking out several months in advance!"


Kate Hollis, Conversion Copywriter

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Here's the deal


You see the value of marketing, but don’t know where to start.

You love your work, but don’t love marketing it.

You feel like you’re trying to be everything to everyone, and it’s exhausting

You’re overwhelmed by new tools and platforms that seem to multiply by the day.


Whether you’re new in business or have been doing it for a while, the One Voice, One Strategy program will transform how you think and feel about your marketing strategy.

Here’s what you will get...

And the best part? No one else’s marketing will compare to yours. Because it’ll be undeniably YOU.


  • Knowing your deepest why in service to others.  In other words: INSPIRATION!

  • Translating it into your core content (what you’ll use all over the place consistently). In other words: JOY!

  • One marketing strategy based on your genius, your natural way of connecting, and your phase of business.  In other words: RELIEF!

  • Standing for something out in the wider community, so people refer business regularly

  • Marketing that reflects the care, consistency, and devotion you offer your clients

Dandelion Leaves

Let's Do This!

Did I mention this program is a total bargain? The One Voice, One Strategy program is a steal, my friend. 


For only a $397 investment you’ll get (2-pay option available):

  • Five modules of juicy content, yours forever

  • Your game-changing Innate Marketing Genius type

  • A 5-Client Field Study that helps you translate your powerful client service work into the best messaging for your next clients

  • A step-by-step guide to deciding your PERFECT marketing strategy for the coming year

  • Exercises that dig deep and yield powerful insights

  • Downloadable resources you can refer to again and again, so you can easily write social media posts, newsletters, and anything else and it ALL reflects you


It’s time to say goodbye to marketing that has you playing small and staying scattered.


One Voice, One Strategy is the real deal. And it really works.



Soooo how is this program different from other marketing programs out there?

The One Voice One Strategy program is one-of-a-kind because it goes waaaaay deep. It’ll help you connect with your deepest why and lean into your natural talents and gifts. What you get is a marketing strategy that is anything but cookie-cutter. It makes sense for YOU, and you’ll feel good implementing it.


I’m picking up on a spiritual vibe here. Is that a part of the program?

For some people it could be! I definitely connect my work and sense of purpose with something bigger than myself. But people of all beliefs and backgrounds will find meaning from this program.

What kind of support do you provide to anyone who purchases the program?

I’m happy to answer any questions about the content of the course -- but anything that’s specific to your business is a conversation we can continue in my four-month paid program, which is a great way to get individualized support and integrate your learnings into your unique business.

Am I missing out by choosing this program instead of 1:1 work?

Definitely not -- I’ve heard from several past clients that this program delivers the same level of information and inspiration as my individual offers. It’s a great option if you have a lot going on and need flexibility to space out your marketing efforts -- and it’s also an awesome intro to my services if you’d like to explore working together after you’ve completed the program.


What platform do you use for the course?

The course is available in Thinkific, which is super user friendly and has great customer support if you need any troubleshooting.


What kind of content is included?

The course has five modules, and includes a mix of narrated presentations, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources. It’s got clever, funny narration that keeps things entertaining but delivers tons of valuable information.

I’m not sure this is the right program for me. Can we jump on a call to discuss?

Absolutely! If the content itself resonates with you, I’m happy to talk more about the program and to tell you a bit more about my consulting services, which may be a better fit. 

"This program connects you with your deepest why as a business owner, it pushes you to implement it in the most efficient way possible. I appreciate that this process unveiled a great strategy for me, rather than telling me what to do. Powerful stuff."

-Shawn Cook, Financial Advisor and Business Coach


About Christina

Christina Frei has been in the marketing world for over 20 years. While she has some serious cred and an extensive portfolio from her time in the corporate world, she’s most proud of the work she’s done since going solo in 2014. She revisited a program she created in 2002 called The Generosity Practice -- a meditative practice that views business as an opportunity for joy and service to others -- and hasn’t looked back since.


Christina is all about marketing that is real, vulnerable, and resonant. She created the Innate Marketing Genius program to help brilliant, inspiring business owners identify and lean into their gifts and share them with the world. The results she’s seen are nothing short of magical.


Besides marketing, Christina loves strolling her seaside town, reading Victorian mystery novels, listening to feisty 80s rock, practicing sustainable living, and snuggling with her cutie-pie Norwich Terrier, Sammy (Samwise Gamgee, if you must know).

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